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What hurricane protection products do you provide?
We can install steel or aluminum panels, accordion shutters, roll down shutters, colonials, and Bahamas.

Can you explain what metal hurricane panels are?
They are metal corrugated panels that can be made of galvanized steel or aluminum. They are usually 14 to 14½ inches wide and as long as building code allows in order to fit the specific opening.

How are they stored?
They can be stored stacked, usually in a garage, usually against a wall or flat on the floor.

How are they installed in my residence?
There are two basic methods of installing panels. The most economical is the so called Direct Mount Method. We install anchors in the wall that accept a threaded bolt so that its head sits flush with the wall (the part of the head that shows can be painted over to disguise it). When the Tracking Method is used, we install tracking which is usually permanent but can be made removable.

How would I put them up?
With the Direct Mount method, the person who is putting them up needs to use a power tool to unscrew each of the bolts and once the panel is hung up then it is secured by screwing the bolt back in. With the Tracking Method, they are usually inserted into an upper inverted-U shaped track and at the bottom they are secured with a Studded Angle (this is an L-shaped angle that has studs in it). The panel has holes that the stud from the angle goes through and the panel is then fastened with a wing nut — so no tools are needed in this method of installation.

What colors do the tracks come in?
The tracks can be white, bronze or mill finish in color.

Are they recommended for use on second stories?
They're not recommended for second stories or if you need to get on a ladder to put them up.

What are Accordion Shutters?
Accordion Shutters are typically made of 4 to 6 inch blades that are hinged so they can fold like an accordion (hence the name). These hinged blades slide sideways alongside tracks so that where they meet they usually lock. The folding blades are fit into a frame that is custom cut so it wraps around the outside of the specific opening. What provides strength to the Accordion Shutters is the top and bottom attachments — there is practically no limitation to their width.

Are they easy to operate?
On a first story, they are usually installed with most of the locks to the outside and as many doors as possible with the locks toward the inside. They generally slide as easily as a sliding glass door does. On a second story, they can be installed if you have single hung windows or sideway sliders or sliding glass doors. Sometimes, they can be installed even with louvered windows. Please inquire.

What Accordion brands do you use?
There are many accordion shutter products on the market, and we use the best quality product available. We provide our customers with as expedient an installation as possible under present demand conditions.

How long is the waiting time to installation?
At present we estimate that generally we can do an installation within four to six weeks after a permit is obtained. Accordions are available in white, ivory, beige and dark bronze. However, please inquire as to color availability.

What are Roll Downs?
Roll Downs are formed by joined aluminum extruded slats that run vertically up and down along two vertically installed side tracks. What gives impact resisting strength to the Roll Downs are these vertical tracks -they are installed along the outer edge of the opening. Depending on the size of the roll down, they can be either manually operated with a crank handle or with an electric motor. They roll up into a metal box that sits at the top of the opening.

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